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The Common Denominator

Lubbock Victim Assistance Services, Inc was founded in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

We work along side local law enforcement, the District Attorney's Office, and the Texas Attorney General's Office to advocate for victims and their families.

Here at LVAS we fight to ensure that all victims are treated with fairness, dignity and compassion by the criminal justice system and /or all other agencies involved. We strive to be the one common denominator for the victims of violent crime and family survivors of homicide.


Praying for the family of Sgt. J. Bartlett

Also for law enforcment during this time

We will be closed Friday the 23rd for the Memorial of Sgt. Bartlett. Memorial to be held at Trinity church @ 10 a.m


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Hero of the Month

Highlighting the good work of Law Enforcment, District Attorneys and Victims Assistance. 

Our Hero of the month Lieutenant Chris Powe. Lieutenant Powe was the first Commander of the Metro Unit established in December of 2018. The metro unit has been involved in over 140 direct investigations, that includes 74 homicides, 5 cold case and 34 special investigations as assigned by the Chief of Police or Sheriff. Lieutenant Powe stated that the best part of his job was the opportunity to truly make a difference in violent crime in Lubbock County, while creating relationships with some of the most dedicated and passionate investigators and staff from all the agencies that are vested partners in this process. That is especially evident in our partnership with LVAS. The hardest part of the job would be doing the job the right way. To invest the amount of time and resources to successfully investigate the worst of violent crimes, takes a toll on the physical, mental, and emotional health. However, it’s a double-edged sword as that very same set of circumstances has also given him a great sense of pride for his people and a tremendous sense of accomplishment for us all. When asked Lieutenant Powe stated the best way to work with victims and their families is “to create an environment where we openly and honestly communicate our role, our commitment, and our desire to fully embrace their circumstances regardless of any other aspect of that interaction. We work hard to be emotionally connected to our victims and victim’s families thru our integrity and ethical commitment to doing what is right for the case.” Lieutenant Powe’s advice for anyone thinking about joining the force is you must have a strong desire to help others, have compassion and a heart to serve. This is not a job to enter halfheartedly. Lieutenant Powe was also kind enough to speak on the partnership he has with Lubbock Victims Assistance Services. He stated “I cannot envision trying to accomplish our mission without the partnership we have enjoyed with LVAS and staff. We could not celebrate our successes as a unit, nor as an agency without having LVAS alongside advocating for the victims of violent crime and our family survivors. I know LVAS staff share our goals to be present and participate in the in the fight. I applaud and commend the LVAS for making our jobs easier and our lives more enriched by your efforts. It is a true partnership!” Lieutenant Powe has finished his time at the Metro Unit on July 16th and is now serving as a Lieutenant at the Lubbock Police Department East Patrol Division. The new Commander at Metro Is Lieutenant Marc Wall. Lieutenant Chris Powe, we Thank you for your service and are proud to have you as one of our cities finest. You are a true Hero!!

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  •  Justice support and advocacy through the District Attorney's Office and local law enforcement officials

  •  Transportation and court-related support such as court orientation and escort

  •  Case status and disposition information 

  • Assistance with Victim Impact statements and letters

  • Update victims regarding status of the perpetrator's probation, parole, and pardon stages of the criminal justice system

LVAS provides an assistance program for victims of violent crime and family survivors of homicide without regard for age, race, ethnicity, gender, religious belief, disability, or residency.


LVAS Advocates

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Silvia Guzman- Rivera

Victim Advocate
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Pam Alexander-Schneider

Executive Director

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Lauren O'Guinn

Advocate / Counselor


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Call our office to learn more or make a donation (806) 763-3131 or Pam Alexander-Schneider at (806) 789-5857 

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LVAS provides a road map through the criminal justice system.